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Is email marketing effective?

Even as strategies change and new digital marketing platforms and tactics are created, email is an incredibly steadfast medium to reach an audience. It has the highest ROI out of any digital marketing channel, and is relied upon in nearly every industry. A Nielsen study showed that 90% of consumers prefer to hear from brands via an email newsletter, while just 10% prefer Facebook.

When businesses post on social media platforms, chances are they are striving for quantity over any other metric in order to be seen or heard by potentially new clients. Have you seen a post by a brand you love and tried to find it two weeks later? You can't! It is buried by another hundred posts. That is not the case for email marketing. Email marketing comes directly to you in an organized and searchable fashion. Coupons and discounts are great additions to add to your email. It will give your clients a reason to go back to that email and click a link that leads them exactly where you want them to go on your website.

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