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Content Creation Day

One Day of Creation
Three Months of Content

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What is a Content Creation Day?


Most people think that they don't create content because they don't have time or they lack consistency. The truth is there isn't anyone holding you accountable for planning, creating, and executing your content. Participating in a Content Creation Day requires your full attention with the reward of over three months of content for all of your platforms

What To Expect: Making the Reservation

When you make your reservation for the Content Creation Day, you can expect to complete a questionnaire asking you about your business, business goals, current methods for creating & expecting content. You will also select from a menu of options the type of content you want to create and for what platforms.

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Business Meeting

What To Expect: Content Planning

One week before your scheduled Content Creation Day, we will meet virtually to map out all the content and determine the items needed to create the best space for content creation. We will build a schedule, order any backdrops, iron out any scripts and confirm wardrobe changes. 

What To Expect: Content Creation Day

It's Showtime!

Our day starts super early, usually, 7 am!

We have a quick pre-creation chat for about 30 minutes to make sure there are not any last-minute changes. 

We spend the next several hours working through our content strategy. During our working lunch, we confirm we are still moving in the right direction, and around 4 pm, we review all the content, make any edits and upload everything into your content creation library. If your package includes scheduling, all posts will be scheduled within 24 hours.

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Have More Questions?

Let's set up a discovery chat!!

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